Sunday , 22 May 2022
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The Guild Season 3

The Guild Season 3

The Guild Season 3

The Glide is back! Yep, your favorite web series is back on a whole new season. It premieres today on Xbox Live. It will be avaiable for download next week!

The prevous two seasons were a huge success as fans were able to enjoy the shows from the comfort of their Xbox anytime they want to even if they missed the episodes. The Season 3 will also be the same, you can watch them on you Xbox Gaming Console.

You can download and watch all the previous episodes from Ofcourse from the infamous YouTube too. You can also buy the DVDs online.

‘The Guild,’ created by Felicia Day, follows a group of online gamers who end up interacting with each other in hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking ways “offline”, i.e. in the real world.  The show recently created huge buzz by releasing a music video to the Felicia Day/Jed Whedon-penned song ‘(Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar,’ which, as of this writing, has received over 2 million views in less than one week.

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