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How to clear up Interviews?

How to clear Interviews , a common question that peeps into every graduate mind.

Well, here are some common techniques that need to be done. This information is posted on my personal reviews. Its not necessary that you follow my steps.

If you lose the interview following this step, i am not responsible for that.

There are 3 mandatory rounds,

1)   Aptitude

2) Technical round

3 Personal HR round

How to clear Aptitude:

  • Well clearing aptitude is strictly depend on your personal stuff.
  • Try to work on the English and mathematics stuff.

How to clear Group Decision:

  • This is the easy and show off part of the interview.
  • All you have to do is Speak out.
  • Your Grammar will be strictly watched and there is  100 percent possibility that the Interviewer reject you on this criteria.
  • You will get great attention from the company  person when you invite any person in the  Group decision round to speak out. And if the person is sitting silent for so long and after your invite he speaks out, you will be surely selected in this round

How to clear the Technical round:

  • This is the trickiest round ever.
  • you will be rejected no matter whether you answer the question or not, it solely depends on the company person.
  • So, my tip is look out for them. If they intent to reject you, they will ask you this question ” Do you have anything to tell us”
  • If you know that the company person is going to reject you, then TEASE  HIM..  Act like you dont like that company at all and your not interested to work there.
  • 100% you will be selected..
  • I know this , because i have witnessed this.

How to clear HR round:

  • If your rejected in this round, then your unluckiest person ever.
  • This round is the simple round.
  • Attend this round with smile in your face.
  • The HR may try to test you by asking technical questions again, so be prepared for this.

Thats it your through.

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