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How to find the value of my website?

How to find the value of my website? This is really tricky if you are  a website owner. No individual  can give  a value to your site, apart from you.

The websites which claim to give the  value to your website  is nothing but estimations based on assumptions with no actual knowledge.

I can give you certain tips so that it will help you to estimate your site and give a good value for it


Check the popularity of your site. How well does your site end up in search engines like Google,  Yahoo, Bing,etc., A website is considered high if it gets a constant traffic from the search engines.


The more older your site gets, the more price it gets.


The most important step is to check your website rank. A page rank probably will determine how well your website goes. If you have a minimum of 2 page rank then your site is good.


Ask yourself a series of questions. What is your domain name worth? How much time and energy did you put into building your website? How easily can your website be linked from other websites? How much money have you invested into building your website? Asking yourself these questions will help give you an idea of what your website is worth.


check the price of  other websites  similar to your website and make a note on it.


Consider all the notes above and make a better price of your site. Remember, its your site and you are going to make a price onto it. So dont  trust any other estimation websites.

If the above information  inspired you in understanding your domain value, leave us a comment.

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