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What is Phishing? How do i prevent phishing?

Using your credit card or check on email or ordering something in credit card, these are common task done by all of us daily.

This is how the identity theft is getting stolen.We have become more valuable to lose the our identity.The identity spy does shoulder surfing.At least 90 million American lost their identity.

How to prevent  Phishing? How to spot a Phishing Email?

Email address may look authentic.But their are certain things that will look fishy



Internal Revenue Services

Has he ever email you before.

2.Deliberate wrong inputs are criminal pursued and indicated.

3.Never left click on the hyperlink!!

you want to investigate on what link takes you to…

if you use outlook copy the hyperlink and paste it to any word processing document you can uncover.

The way where the link takes you to.


you belong to America you receive email from other country for internal review services.

you get some other country domain.. Their is you fish caught

4. Some time mails comes from company.

check for the links provided in the mail. With the above method you can find whether the mail redirect

you to that company or it is a Phishing.

Thus think before you do an action to click on internet.Safety first.!!

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