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Computer Eyeglass

Computer Eyeglass

Computers are part and parcel of everyone’s life. They are very informative and useful in all fields. When there is a benefit automatically there has to be some draw backs too!!

When the computers give useful and latest information it also provides unwanted and destructive and damaging information too!! This is an irreversible and very hard to accept fact. Apart from this computers have a very bad and negative impact on the health of the person using it. If used occasionally the negative effects may be minimal and negligible, but when used for long duration the effects can be harmful and damaging too!!

Among the computer user related sicknesses the most common is eye related problems. This is commonly known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Prolonged use of computer may give strain to the eyes and may affect the normal development of the vision both among adults and children.

The most common symptoms of CVS are:

1. Headaches

2. Tired eyes

3. Burning in the eyes

4. Watering of the eyes

5. Neck and shoulder pain

6. Loss of focus

7. Double vision

8. Blurred vision

The strain to the eyes while reading from a computer screen is much more than the strain that one feels while reading a text from a printed paper. Words on a computer screen are created by combinations of tiny points of light (pixels), which are brightest at the center and diminish in intensity toward their edges. This makes it more difficult for our eyes to maintain focus on these images. Therefore the strain is more. An eye specialist will detect this problem and give the corrective measures. This is very essential for those who work on computers for a long hours and whose profession demands such a task.

There are anti glare filters for the computer screens but they may give relief but may not reduce the visual problem. To get relief from visual problem, one will need computer eyewear. An anti-reflective coating is highly recommended for computer eyeglasses. AR coating reduces reflections on the front and back surfaces of the lenses that cause glare and interfere with your ability to focus on images on your screen.

Studies suggest that most computer users experience some level of eye discomfort from computer work, it is reasonable to say that most people who work on a computer more than a couple hours daily could benefit from computer eyewear. If you experience tired eyes, overall fatigue or discomfort when working at your computer, schedule a computer vision exam. Your eye doctor can help you decide if computer eyeglasses are right for you.

Research says that CVS affect productivity, accuracy and causes discomfort. With computer glasses you can read and work for a long time before you even get tired. Therefore another benefit of computer glasses is that it helps you work effectively, accurately and without discomfort and you are more productive. Computer glasses will give you more than just relief from headaches and tiredness. There is no better feeling like being alert and attentive even after 8 hours of working. After using these glasses you will realize that a simple thing as wearing glasses can do a lot for you.

No one can put an amount on the ability to see clearly. Actually seeing better is definitely priceless. One should realize that there is a big difference between computer glasses and reading glasses. This difference should not be ignored. Should one need glasses for reading and work on a computer on a daily basis, one should not substitute computer glasses for the reading glasses. This could cause long-term damage to the eyes.

Not every computer user needs computer eyeglasses, but most people who use the computer frequently throughout the day will stand the chance of experiencing negative symptoms. Computer eyeglasses can be beneficial in the long run by reducing excessive focusing demands on the eyes. They may also be useful in preventing or retarding development of any eye conditions that could result from computer usage.

Therefore it is advisable to give a thought to the use of computer glasses. But it is advisable that one should think of it only after consulting an eye specialist (Ophthalmologist).

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