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Divorced Men Cry more than Divorced Women

weddingFirst  of all the common arguments start between couples, then great fight, then split up and finally Divorce. Many couples mainly Men think they have done the right thing by ditching their spouse. well, if your one of those guys who are deciding to have divorce, then you should be the first to read this post.

A study conducted by Australian Institute of Family Studies, have found out that Divorced Men are not happy and some go on to the extend of hating the purpose of living. Divorced Women in the other hand are found to suffer from low finance. The Men used for the study have kids around the age of 18, it was found that after divorce the men grew more prosperous ever. Men earnings rose a high percent of about 24% whereas women on the other hand have an average of rise in their income of about 1.8%. Both cases are after Divorce.

Now what went wrong for men? why do they hate life after divorce? It is said that the divorced men find it hard to maintain the basic Household work, possibly cooking, cleaning, gardening, looking after kids, which is done greatly by a mother. Few of the men refuse to take help from child support cause they dont wont to pay them.

That is buddy, be careful while taking the most crucial step of your life.

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