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Eggs can help you stay awake at work!

Feeling sleepy at work? The recent research done on the common problem that a person undergoes on work might ignite you readers especially those who work in front of the computer all day in the office.

Scientist says, “the presence of abundance of proteins in the white layers of Egg might tremendously assist an individual from falling asleep in the work or from feeling sleepy.”

Wait a min, i thought Coffee helps us from falling to sleep. Alas, the scientist have other opinions.

The Researchers at Cambridge University have found that egg proteins are much more effective than carbohydrates found in the chocolates, biscuits and sweets often relied on for a quick energy boost.

The researchers, who wanted to know how nutrients affect the brain cells that keeping us awake and burn calories, found that a mixture similar to the protein content of egg whites activated these cells, triggering the release of the stimulant orexin, the Daily Mail reported.

Researcher Dr Denis Burdakov said, “What is exciting is to have a rational way to ‘tune’ select brain cells to be more or less active by deciding what food to eat.

“Research suggests that if you have a choice between jam on toast, or egg whites on toast, go for the latter. Even though the two may contain the same number of calories, having a bit of protein will tell the body to burn more calories out of those consumed.”

Researchers found that the type of cholesterol found in eggs has minimal effect on raising the risk of heart disease . Previous research has also shown that it is healthy to go to work on an egg, contrary to popular perception.

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