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New Zodiac Signs ? Astrological Signs Change ??

Looks like from 2011 onwards you guys will be having New Zodiac Signs! Cool?!? We have been using the same Zodiac signs since like the 7th Century BC! Even Jesus didn’t change it!

Apparently some astronomer (Parke Kunkle) got bored with his usual predictions and decided to make changes to the signs. Why ? to make his predictions more accurate ?

According to Kunkle, the Earth’s alignment has changed over the past few hundred thousand years, making what you thought was your astrological sign, actually incorrect.

The reputable astronomer insists that the signs you were born into have changed and a one-month gap in the zodiac signs is the result of that change.

So what does that mean for you?

If you used to be a Virgo, you’re now a Leo. If you used to be a Leo, you’re now a Cancer – and so forth.

But that’s not all.

In addition to changing the signs, the astronomers want to add a thirteenth zodiac sign called Ophiuchus. You’re an Opiuchus if your birthday falls from Nov 29 – Dec 17.

Furthermore, the new zodiac sign dates overlap one another. As you can see below, any person whose birthday falls on the last possible day of the sign, also falls into the first day of the next sign. For instance, if your birthday is on August 10, technically you fall into both the Cancer and the Leo categories. I guess, at that point, you just choose which one you like better J.

Try explaining this one to your children!

Here’s the complete list of old vs. new. Take a look and let us know what you think about this news:

Whats your new sign?

Whats your new sign?

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  • jamie

    I think it is just the stupidist thing I have ever read?!?! How can on person decide to change it really?? and add a new zodiac?? Stupid … why cant people leave things alone??

    • Shane

      @jamie, lol i think you are of my character. Personally i dont believe in these signs…

      So whether it changes or not… I dont care…

      Dont believe in these stuff…Zodiac signs are nothing but a superstitious belief.