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The New Year Bash!

The celebration that is not required.

The celebration that is not required.

Today marks the start of the year 2011. I am sure many of you  are going to get really tired from all the partying over the weekend.

I don’t really like to celebrate New Year like how many do around me. To me its just another day, of course it marks the start of a whole new year but whats the point in celebrating it ?

New Year’s eve in recent years have really become more extravagant then ever before. It has become an actual necessity to throw a party and spend extravagantly without even blinking.

My argument is very classic. Also known as the Mother Teresa’s argument. Its not fair that we enjoy ourselves and waste millions of dollars on things that are not necessary when we can help the needy and make it worthwhile for someone.

We all can celebrate the New Year in a whole different way by donating the money we planned for drinks and partying to some one who really needs food. Nations can make New Year’s resolutions that can really make a change in the world like eliminate poverty in their nation. Instead of flushing millions of dollars down the drain for a few minutes of spectacular display that no is going to care or talk about after a few hours.

All this seems to be drilled down to the basic nature of mankind, ‘selfish’. We would rather burn our extra cash then give it to someone who hasn’t eaten for the past week.

I am not trying to imply that I am not selfish. As a matter of fact I am and yes I love to burn my cash. But, there is a limit. I wouldn’t burn all my extra cash. I actually know people who burn cash they do not have just to celebrate New Year. Putting themselves in a debt that they really didn’t need.

The joy you get from helping somebody else is far greater and more everlasting then the joy you will ever get from burning your money over a few minutes of entertainment.


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