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Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs

Top 10 Highest Paid JobsWe have complied a list of top 10 highest paid jobs. We are all in search of a good jobs that fills our pockets, a really high scale job is a simply a dream job for us.

So, where do you think you can make the most bang for the your college education. Well, you guessed it right, pre-med.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released its latest rundown of occupational statistics, which dates to 2012,and of the 10 highest-paid positions, nine require medical training. Anesthesiologists lead the field, making slightly more money putting patients to sleep than the people cutting those patients open. The only non-medical workers that make it onto the list are chief executives, who come in at No. 10 with around $177,000 in annual wages, or around 24 percent less than the anesthesiologists.

Below, the 10 highest-paid occupations in America as of May 2012:

OccupationAverage Annual Wages
1. Anesthesiologists$232,830
2. Surgeons$230,540
3. Obstetricians and Gynecologists$216,760
4. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons$216,440
5. Internists, General$191,520
6. Orthodontists$186,320
7. Physicians and Surgeons, All Other$184,820
8. Family and General Practitioners$180,850
9. Psychiatrists$177,520
10. Chief Executives$176,840

That’s perhaps unsurprising–everyone knows doctors are handsomely compensated–but what is striking is the extent to which medical occupations dominate the top of the wage ladder. You can still make a decent living even if you are not a doctor, as the list below of 10 top-paying non-medical professions shows:

OccupationAverage Annual Wages
1. Chief Executives$176,840
2. Petroleum Engineers$147,470
3. Architectural and Engineering Managers$133,240
4. Lawyers$130,880
5. Natural Sciences Managers$130,400
6. Marketing Managers$129,870
7. Computer and Information Systems Managers$129,130
8. Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers$128,760
9. Financial Managers$123,260
10. Sales Managers$119,980

Looks like the money is where there is medicine. Personally isn’t this kind-of overrated? Aren’t we really caring and spending way too much on health, health services and health products?

We are are blessed with a really good health by nature, we spend way too much time and resource trying to fix things that works a little bit different in our body when compared to the normal function. But, doesn’t it work fine until the day a doctor scares us? True isn’t?

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