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Why Social Media Will Eventually Fade Away

Why Social Media Will Eventually Fade Away

Recently I got to view the ‘Look Up’ video that went Viral on YouTube and it got me thinking how long can we put up with social media? In case if you are wondering what exactly we are going to talk about, be sure to check out the video below:

Now you know exactly where this topic is going to go. Yes, we are addicted to our ‘electronic friends’ all day long and it has got so absurd that we are actually losing skills to interact with people in real life. Everything these days has to be done electronically, when was the last time you actually spoke to your friend over the phone? Or maybe took some timeout and had a face-to-face conversation with him or her. Try it! It would be awesome, you can learn a lot about where a conversation is going and how your friend feels about what you tell him and he will know how you feel about what he tells you, it is actually an wonderful way to communicate.

The topic might seems to have got a bit off-topic, but it hasn’t, because here is where social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc bridge us. These days we would rather text message a friend than call him up and when we are physically with our friends we are busy fumbling around to check what our other friends are doing on Facebook.  This has got quite out of control with our younger generation.

So let us look at the evolution of Facebook to understand how we ended up here. Humans basically need social interaction, we are social creatures and love being in the company of others and we feel very comfortable knowing when others are looking-out for us. Facebook basically taps into this human need. It allows us to interact more with our friends and stay in touch with them at all times. But it completely ignores the physical need that we need, like to be patted on, to be hugged or spend some moments discussing about our how we actually feel. These things sadly our current day social media can’t provide. Even if it could do in the future, it would be synthetic and not natural. But then we can even question if all this is real? Or are we just content having 100+ friends on Facebook and we have met our social need?

Globally we all are right now in the fad, thinking that today’s social media can help us, not understanding that it is doing more harm then good. It just gives us the illusion of us being social while in reality we have just got a lot closer to our ‘electronic friend’.

I feel this will eventually come to an end, people will start to realize and start to adjust accordingly, that doesn’t mean the end of Facebook or Twitter. They will stay but they will evolve or completely change to meet our new demands. A day will come when we won’t constantly check on Facebook for updates not understanding that the real life around us is going right through us. But then I am skeptical… Will humans evolve to integrate Facebook into our life? Tell us, what you feel, we would love to hear a lot about this!

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