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Babies grow when they sleep the most

A Baby is born. Looking into the cute face of the only thing that matters to us, one would easily lose themselves.

The innocent sleeping, the gesture, the smile  would make one feel everything is fine with him/her.

But most of the time we find them sleeping. One would assume this is a part of God’s plan for a baby to sleep.

Well, it is or it is not. A new study conducted by Michelle Lampl, of Emory University/Georgia Tech’s Predictive Health Institute suggest that Baby grow the most when they sleep the most.

Michelle Lampi said “These findings give babies a voice that helps parents understand them and show that seemingly erratic sleep behavior is a normal part of development. Babies really aren’t trying to be difficult.”

Lampl is lead author on the study, which appears in this week’s edition of the journal Sleep

Boys and girls also go about growth spurts differently, the researchers found. Boys tend to sleep longer when they’re undergoing rapid growth while girls tend to have more bouts of sleep.

Neither the sex of the infant nor breastfeeding had significant effects on total daily sleep time. But breastfed infants had more but shorter bouts of sleep.

The study was based on data from 23 infants recorded in real time over a four- to 17-month span, using daily diaries kept by their mothers.

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