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How to be active at work?

How to be active at work will probably be a question for every person who works. All the late night sleep, stressful day, early working hours, low food consumption, etc.,. play a crucial role for an individual’s burn out.

Here we attempt to give you some tips that will help you to an extend to remain active at workplace.

  • Sleep Well: The first and foremost thing you need to remeber is to have a well sound sleep. Sleeping in untimely hours will never help you to be energetic the next day and it continues the whole weekend unless you make it up on the week ends.  Make a schedule to sleep atleast 7 to 8 hours a day.
  • Start with a healthy Breakfast: One of the best ways to start your day energized and rejuvenated is to have a good, hearty breakfast. Foods that are rich with nutrients to boost energy levels include whole-grains (think oatmeal or breads), protein (eggs or a breakfast meat, such as sausage), low-fat yogurt, or citrus fruit packed with vitamin C (i.e. oranges or grapefruit).
  • Move a lot in office: Anyone will tell you the moment that they sit still for too long they feel like all of their energy has been drained. Sitting at work is no exception to this rule. You need to keep your blood pumping to your muscles to keep you feeling energized. During your workday, get up at least once an hour to move around. This will increase your energy by getting your blood pumping. There are many reasons at work to get up and move during the day. You can walk to a co-worker’s office to ask them a work related question. You can also use this time to refill your drink, or make copies. The key is to just get up and move.
  • Drink Water: Many times when you are feeling your energy slipping at work, you are probably dehydrated. Sipping water as you work through out the day will keep you hydrated and increase your energy levels. Stay away from caffeinated beverages as they will dehydrate you more and only give you a brief burst of energy.
  • Expose yourself to sunlight: The sun is a natural regulator of your energy level. The sun will increase your energy by telling your body that it is daytime. Your body will equate daytime to it being time to get up and move. Open the blinds in your office if you are lucky enough to have a window. If you have no window; take a walk outside on your lunch break. Any exposure to sunlight will help reset your internal clock and increase your energy.
  • Eat wisely: Lunches loaded with high-fat or carbs can make you sleepy, so have something healthy and energy-packed such as a salad or chicken sandwich (without the fatty mayo) on wheat bread.
  • Spend some few mins on pep talk: Always working behind the screens will drill your energy. If possible take a few mins break between an hour or two to have a small pep talk with your colleague. It helps to gain energy!
  • Chocolates Help: When you feel you are done and have no more energy left then trust me take a chocolate. It works for me. Lol. The sweet present in the chocolate will give you back a few hour energy required to work. I do it every evening of my office hours when i feel exhausted.

Thats it and your on for a wonderful day. Have a wonderful stress free work hours. Like the post? Then do share it

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