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How to prevent my Computer System from being infected by Virus or Trojans?

How can I make sure I didn’t end up with Virus Infection in my system?

Ah, this is the best question to start with. But how?  I will give you a tip but this will not stop your computer from being infected.

Rather this will help you to do a better precautionary steps to make it secure.


Some virus if present in your system will be present in temp folder.  It is better that you often empty the contents from temp folder.

Note: This will NOT HARM your computer. Whereas it will protect your system.

In order to delete the contents from Temp folder, XP Users do the following steps

Click Start–> Click Run–> Type %temp%–> you will get a screen opened up–> Delete all the files and folders from Temp folder.


Its better that you have Anti-Virus software installed in your system. There are many antivirus software from various companies that offer few features for free. You can try that. If not you can also purchase an anti virus software product.

For Windows 7 users, the bit dyfender present in your system is good.


Avoid visiting Adult Website. The websites that contain s*x, P**n contents are the first place where virus is present and ready to attack you.

You may wonder why only these sites have Virus. The answer for this is Obvious, 90% of whole of internet users, whether willingly or unwillingly visit the S*X oriented sites atleast once.

And hence the infection starts.

If you want to stop your system from being infected, Don’t visit Adult websites


This is the most crucial step which you should  remember at all times.

When you visit certain websites, a pop up will emerge asking your option YES or NO.  Don’t click anything, just close the browser.

Because the Virus will not infect your system, unless a user click Yes.  You may think why should I close the browser, I will click No.

Don’t Ever do this because, some scripts will be triggered when you click NO.

Either Yes or No, your system will be infected.

The best way will be to close the browser.

If you’re unable to close the browser, then press ALT+CTRL+DELETE in the keyboard and through it end your Browser program.


If you have a Anti-Virus software in your system.  Often update it.

I believe the information provided above will help your system in an effective way. Do share the post to all your friends and family members by tweeting or Facebook.

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