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Massage helps up mother-baby bond

Massage helps up Mother-baby bond

Massage helps up Mother-baby bond

I am sure many mothers love to massage their baby. Now a new research proves that massage has to do more than just to develop a baby’s muscles, it also allows the infant to feel and sense his or her mother’s affections via her fingers, says a leading expert.

Health experts have already acknowledged that breast-feeding enhances the bonding between mother and child and also helps the child to grow healthy.

Now, there is another way to simulate and promote a baby’s growth. The answer is by massaging the infant. The development of the infant’s muscles and orientation are crucial towards asisting the child to stand and walk.

Consultant paediatrician Dr Zulkifli Ismail says: “Caressing is a magical touch between a parent and the child. The infant can feel and sense the mother’s affections via her fingers and this works the other way round. The mother can also feel the infant’s response via the touches.”

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