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Miracle Baby defeats meningitis and 7 heart attacks!

A baby survives miraculously after battling out meningitis and  7 heart attacks in one night.

The baby survived after the doctors told the parents to say good bye to Ivan as there was very little chance of his survival.

As the saying goes, when doctors lose hope then there is always almighty for you. In Ivan Cawley’s scenario, we felt the blessing of god without whom the baby would have not survived!

The moment was full of happiness for Sade Jackson, 20, and Phillip Cawley, 24, as their baby survive who was just 10 month old.

Lets hear it from the mother Sade Jackson on how she felt at this painful moment of watching her baby in ICU.

Sade said,” Everything was going fin. I’d had no complications in pregnancy and he was born a healthy 7lb 1oz. We were settling in to being first time parents.

It was a sunday night and we put him to bed as normal and he was fine. But then when he woke up at around 4.30 am he was drenched with sweat and his skin felt like it was on fire but at the same time shivering.

It was really scary. We waited for the doctors to open and took him down straight away”

She added, “I had seen a little dot on his belly when i was changing him earlier that day ant the doctors said it could be the start of chicken pox, but told us we should go and get him checked out straight away at the hospital.

“At that point we didn’t really know what to think-we didn’t know what was happening,just that we had to get him seen as soon as possible”

The next few hours saw Ivan’s little body and he was rushed to ICU at sheffield children’s hospital as his defense was down.

Ivan’s parents were then informed that there was little chance for the baby survival as he battled out 7 cardiac arrest in a single night!

Sade said:”It was a really horrible time-the longest few hours. It’s hard to sum it up really and put into words how we felt

“It was awful seeing our little baby lying there with all these tubes coming out of him and looking so ill and weak.

‘The doctors told us he probably wouldn’t make it but him and the doctors kept battling. We lost him for 12 minutes during one of his attacks but amazingly he even pulled through that’

The baby was put on a ventilator for next seven days and his conditions were monitored.

Sade said:”It was the best feeling in the world when he started to show signs he was able to breathe for himself, the hospital staff were amazed by how well he was doing, they said he was a miracle.

He was transferred to a normal ward and he was getting back to his normal happy self. We felt so lucky to still have him.”

The baby is fine now and had a speedy recovery. The parents made a fundraising event in the local pub in an effort to show their gratitude towards the hospital that helped their baby to survive.

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