Tuesday , 28 March 2023
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Pig saves baby goat from drowning (VIDEO)

Hero pig saves baby goat from drowning (VIDEO)A video has hit the web where a pig saves a baby goat from drowning.

In this video, a small pig becomes a hero when it dives into a petting zoo pond to save a drowning baby goat.

This video made our day, though no one will credit the cameraman with being a hero. At the beginning of the tape, he simply says, “goat in the water,” and then continues to film while the animal struggles to stay above water.

That’s when the brave pig dashes into the water, heading straight for the baby goat and nudging it toward the shore. The two animals climb back onto the shore and go about their business.

The video then cuts to the pig, back to its normal routine, with the cameraman declaring, “And there he is, the hero pig.”

Watch the video below:

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