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Reasons Not To Believe Zodiac Signs!

For centuries, Men has moulded his decisions, his careers, his happiness all in the name of zodiac signs and its warnings.

Although, majority of educated people are still following zodiac signs, i still believe modern world is waking up from this superstitious belief .

Let me reason out why not to believe zodiac signs. Here we go!

The people who wrote the zodiac signs, dont know the real signs

Though the real date from which  the zodiac signs acceptance by the people is unknown, it is often dated back to 6th century BC.   Few well known people considered these signs as correct and wrote it. What they meant to be correct is now wrong which means for years and years people have been wrongly predicting the unknown.

That reminds me of what God said, Only I know the unknown. Man cannot know the unseen.

And that is the truth.

Zodiac Signs has spoiled many good decisions

Yep, people have wasted their beautiful career and their decisions based on what signs say. Some people even go out to seek their career when they find it is correct according to the signs. And now we know that signs were wrong. which means trusting some maniacs people have actually failed to cope up with their career decisions.

Zodiac signs has spoiled good marriages

I am glad to say the place where i live faces no problems in stars and marriages. But for those who are unaware of, few countries on this planet, considers stars and signs for marriage. If they find out the bride and groom stars doesnt match they call off the marriages without even bothering the real sentiments of the bride or groom.

So now since the signs have been proved wrong. How would our ancestors reply us on this discrimination.

Zodiac signs are the result of  disbelief in God

For people who are pious and god fearing, you can continue reading below. Those who does not believe God can skip it.

God said very clearly, believing in the stars and the zodiac signs is nothing but the act of linking God with other Gods.

On a matter of fact it is term as disbelief. If you think you follow God’s word and yet you follow the zodiac signs, then you should know that what you have done is an act of  polytheist.

People who say they can predict the future are doing nothing but speaking lies. The predictors will often ask you what date you are born and what is your stars.

Now, it has been proved that the stars which you follow is wrong and what was practiced for centuries also becomes false, how will you now explain years and years of  wrong words said by the future predictors?

Dont you think you have wasted your life by following some persons words rather than following God words?

If people stop believing zodiac signs and stars  atleast now, then i believe they can understand God.

Wake up at-least now!

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