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Recession Vs Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Ya I know the title is odd. Both of them are irrelavent. But in times of recession and money crunch everything becomes relavent. I am sure by now all of you are gonna expect me to post something that tells plastic surgery is lossing popularity these days due to recession. Nope, thats not the case this time.

Plastic surgeries are still popular and the blood thirsty recession that has managed to have an imapact on every place on this planet, failed to make a change in plastic surgeries. While the recession continues, a poll of 1,000 women carried out this month showed that 63 percent aged 18-34 and 73% of women aged 35-49 thought positivelt of age-camouflaging procedures. Of the younger bracket in favour of cosmetic work, 44% said they consider Botox to be a “routine” precedure, according to a survey.

Looks like money crunch can’t stop looks-obsessed people from spending money on their looks.

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