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When will the World End?

Will our Earth end on May 21, 2011 or will it end up on 21 Dec 2012? If you are really confused on when will it end, there is one more doomsday date that is hitting the web recently and that is  2043.

Will the World end on May 21, 2011?

Some claim May 21, 2011 will be the day when Jesus Christ second coming will happen.  The rumors of Christ return is not new for many people including me. Right from the very next week Christ left the Earth to the Heavens, People have been claiming that he will return this day and that day. The supposed day never took place and its 2011 years over since Christ was raised to the Heaven by Almighty God.

“People should remember that Christ himself said in Bible,  ‘No one, not me, not the angels, know about the Hour, except the Lord'”.

Will the World end on Dec 21,2012?

Coming back to Dec 21, 2012 warnings.  I have nothing more to say, if a believer believes in the word of the God and his great plan, he should turn a deaf    ear to this whole Dec 21 drama.

But unfortunately, millions of people are falling onto this fit-for-nothing and useless crap story of 2012. I would blame their innocence and their blind fear of the death.

There is not even a single evidence to back the 2012 theory. I have already written many post on how all this 2012 is just a fake. Do browse the website to know my argument.

Will the World end on 2043?

I am posing this date for all you readers so that you will not fell for this crap. 2043, is supposedly the year when a Comet comes very closely towards the Earth.

The People who started 2012 panic have come across with this date.

Its because their so called 2012 warning is very near and nothing happened to us or the Earth by the mercy of  God, hence these people have changed the date to 2043. Just to earn the dollars.

Our Argument on the Signs and the Prophecies given by Prophets

The very foremost thing a believer should remember is that

“No body knows when the Hour will come, the Knowledge lies only with the God”

But, there are various signs given by Prophets by the command of God on the last day before the hour. The very crucial sign are as follows

Return of the People to reclaim their lands.

The  Great trail of Anti Christ.

The Coming of Jesus Christ

The release of Gog and Magog.

The Golden and Peaceful Age  under the rule of Jesus Christ.

Trumphets will be blown.

The Hour takes place.

See, if none of the above has taken place so far, How would you still believe the Earth will end by 2011 or 2012 or any other day.

Think people!!!

There is a saying, “If you kept on believing the Earth will end this day and that day, then your Lord will make it happen by destroying your lands.”

Dont anticipate the Hour, but Prepare for the Hour.

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