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Where is Planet X!!! Nancy Leider!!!

“There is  a huge planet called Planet X that is on its course to destroy Earth. Aliens contacted me and warned me. Earth will be destroyed by May 2003″ . These were the words given be Nancy Leider, the founder, the co-founder,the creator of Planet X that doesn’t exist in the first place.

As the thought of doomsday date came closer, People went mad overnight. And then the day came May 2003 and it was a peaceful Earth day. Nothing happened on heavens or on the Earth except the President gave a good laughing interview.

Then came the new twist Nancy came out and spoke  “Do you think the aliens want you to know the real date. They wont!!! And finally changed the date to December 2012. ”

Well, its October 2010 now, still no signs at all of planet X. Again it proves that she is a cheater.

The interesting thing is that  some group of people believe her words so much that if she says Horse gave birth to panda, they will believe it. What a crack pot!!!

The sad thing to note here is that, people left their job, went on an hunt to find a ground for safe cover and started preparing seeds for food.

Guys, forget the thought of doomsday date and go to work. Who knows the crackpots will come up with other date say 202o and try to confuse you.

What i still don’t understand is their brilliance on bringing out an information and convincing the people even though it is false.

They came out with a photo shoot of a planet next to Sun in the year 2002 and drove panic in the public saying its Planet X .

Here’s the photo taken from Zetatalk webpage that stated Planet X seen near Sun on March 2002.

If the said Photo was true then Planet X should have crossed earth by 2004 or 2005 itself. Which means the Photo produced and claimed by Zetatalk and its owner Nancy was false in the first place.

This means only one thing. The photos have been Photoshop to keep the topic going and this is the act of great sin.

Still few dumb-heads believed her date of 2012 without questioning why planet X doesn’t cross Earth if the photos produced by her on 2002 was true.

Wake up people! Dont be fooled around by someone . Realize your worth, believe your thought and work for the greater good .

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