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105-Year-Old Man Finally Receives High School Diploma
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105-Year-Old Man Finally Receives High School Diploma

Education is the solution to every problem that is affecting the world in the present times. From uncultured problems, to unemployment, just about every issue raised globally points at a solution that rot from the basics of educating one and all. For some education comes as a part of life while others fight the world to achieve the best of it.

Meet Mohr, a resident of Philadelphia who has just received his high school diploma. Yup, thats not a big deal. So many kids graduate every year. What’s noticeably different here is that Mohr is 105 years old and has been longing to get his diploma for a long long while now. Its only after this extremely long wait that his dream of graduation came true, and what better day than his 105th birthday. To add to the celebrations, his wife Josie held his hand to celebrate their 70th anniversary too. Too much sweetness to digest. Read on to know their heart warming story that was picked up and reported by CBS 3 of Philadelphia.

Mohr’s Story

Mohr used to study at the Philadelphia’s St. Joseph’s Preparatory High School. It was during those years that he got informed one day of his family’s relocation plans. His mother told him that the family had decided to move over to another town because of his father’s job security issues. It was in those hard times that Mohr chose to give up on his education and move on for a better life. He felt that the need of the hour was to get employed somewhere and become an earning hand for the house, for their economic conditions weren’t brilliantly strong. But somewhere in his heart, he did want to get back to what he left mid way.

Bill Corner’s help

Years passed by and life moved on. It was on one of those days when you speak your heart out to your loved ones that Mohr spoke. While sitting with his daughter, he confessed to her his long lost desire of completing his education which was then not on his list of priorities. The story was carried forward to the staff of his ex school St. Joseph’s Prep. The teachers and especially the then serving president of the school was so moved by his story and the wishes to complete his education that he had left back at such an early age, that he promised him to help him through the diploma and assured him of getting one. He did stand by his words.

There is a very cute video that shows him and his wife celebrating his success and the contentment on his face is more than evident. He mentioned that he was more than thankful to the Almighty for the immense material, emotional and educational wealth that he had earned in his life. He confessed that with the diploma in his hand, he could not wish for anything else in life and could die in peace.

In this world where little things are enough to make or break your day, a story so sensitive like this bundles up emotions of motivation, pride, happiness and mush!

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