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$1,800 Cash Dispensed Due to ATM Mistake

$1,800 atm mistakeA University of Delaware student has returned $1,800 that was mistakenly dispensed when he went to a campus ATM.

Devon Gluck of Ellicott City, Md., tells The News Journal ( he heard strange noises coming from the ATM when he stepped up to make a withdrawal Feb. 1. Then suddenly it dispensed 18 $100 bills. Gluck says he decided to take the money and figure out what to do with it. After a few days, Gluck says he decided it would be right to return the money.

A PNC Bank spokeswoman confirms a student returned cash dispensed by the ATM. Another student’s account from which the money was mistakenly withdrawn has been refunded.

Gluck says a bank manager thanked him for returning the cash.

Source: ABC News

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