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9 ways to get public attention!

All the hush hush and search  to earn in dollars. In today’s world, it is possible to earn but impossible to earn more. Why? because no jobs and blah blah.

Now lets see some imaginable method to seek world attention towards you thereby becoming millionaire over night.

1)   Join the chorus of doomsday date knower. Figure out a day that will cross some ancient civilization and swore allegiance that the world will end on that day.

Channels like discovery, History channel will hunt you down to make their own documentaries . You will be famous over night.

2)  Call News channels and say you know where Osama bin laden is hiding. Though this idea is out fashioned, you will still be the headlines in the news channels and internet. This is enough to make you a world wide icon.

3)  Accuse some celebs who are icon today. This is an old fashioned idea taken from Michael Jackson controversy. Yet this is strong enough to get you public attention.

4) Select a particular day and say it will have worst Storms ever. So when the day arrives, just point to any location in Earth and say  ” I said so”. People are so dumb they will believe you!

5) Dig out  one minor proof against your Government and say “You know the secrets of what government is doing behind the screen.” This will really click your day, you just need to convince few people of what the government is doing and it will spread like a forest fire. Why worry when you have Conspiracy theory makers. :) :)

6) Voluntarily go for space voyage to Mars. Though you will be remembered as the first man to travel to mars and gain public attention for days, but do note you wont survive. Its risky! forget this.

7) Tell everyone that Antichrist has arrived! A better way to gain attention. Though i doubt you will earn any money through this.

8) Join in reality shows.

9) Wear some weird super hero costume and fight against crime in your area. You will surely get attention. A definite method to earn in millions.

P.S:  you need to be muscle man though

Ideas that will kill your way of life.

1. Don’t ever say there is a planet  called planet X on its way to destroy Earth. People are so fed up with this hoax, they will hunt you down.

2. Don’t speak anything against Israel. Western countries will not like you.

3. Don’t speak anything on Secret Societies. Media will avoid you and mass population simply wont listen to you because they don’t know what that is. Lol.

This post is just an imaginary post considering the trends in today’s world. No way do we tell you this method will get you to earn money and stuff. This post is just for fun.

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  • Grace


    Could you help me by telling me the best online method to get public attention on a subject. I want to accuse a Families and Children Department of abusing their power. I really don’t know how to make others hear my story and ask their opinion over my case. i will appreciate your detailed instruction. To help, I have never been on the internet comm sites, including twitter and facebook. I have only heard about it. Thank you.

    • Tommy

      YouTube can make you a hit or a miss. But I don’t see how you can accuse DCF without proof, seeing that you don’t want any attention to yourself. Else you can try recording them in action and post it on YouTube and let the users and media take care of the rest (If it really becomes a hit).

      • Grace

        I am looking for a blog or a short article to talk about what happend to my family than a YouTube video. Any other suggestion? Thank you.

        • Tommy

          Blogs, articles work. But they really don’t make an impact. You can submit your story to us and we’ll publish it. You can try submitting your story to a major media, but its a slow process and no guarantee it will get published. You can also look for articles relating to DCF in newspapers, magazines and respond to them with your story, it has a better chance of being read and published.