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British Boy who swallowed a pair of scissors survives!

A 12-year-old Bristol boy, who swallowed a pair of scissors, has suffered only minor cuts

Curtis Francis, who has severe learning difficulties, put the scissors in his mouth while his mother was busy, reports the Daily Mail.

The incident occurred on August 11 when Karon went to put the kettle on at their home in Bristol and left her son alone.

At first Karon Edwards thought her son had swallowed a pen lid, but when he started coughing up blood she immediately rang for an ambulance and the doctors were able to remove the scissors under anaesthetic.

“I just thought he had swallowed a pen lid but I knew something was wrong when he started coughing up blood and making panicked noises,” Karon said.

“Curtis is a multi-needs child and doesn’t have any sense of danger so I have to watch him all the time,” she added.

Luckily, Curtis suffered only minor cuts to his throat and has now fully recovered.

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