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Doomsday Predictions are Bad for Humans

Lets face it all these doomsday predictions are causing more damage than just broken hearts when the doomsday doesn’t arrive on the said date. In case you are wondering what could actually go wrong if someone comes up with a Doomsday Date ? Lets have a look at it.

Image Courtesy : 2012Apocalypse.net

Hmm, most of us just read the news, laugh about it and move on with our lives. Some people think lets wait, it would be kinda of interesting to experience the doomsday. While some go mad, real mad.

Ya, they really lose their mind. A California woman named Lyn Benedetto after hearing that May 21st is the doomsday, became concerned that her daughters would suffer terribly in the coming apocalypse. She allegedly forced her daughters, 11 and 14, to lie on a bed and then cut their throats with a box cutter. She then tried to kill herself, though police arrested Benedetto and all three survived.

Thank God, they are fine. But a man from Taiwan wasn’t so lucky, he jumped from a building killing himself on May 5th after he started to believe that the recent earthquakes in Japan were the early signs of the doomsday that was to come on May 21st.

Apart from this there are also lots of unconfirmed reports of suicides, murders due to the Doomsday Factor.

We will never hear the news about how many people dumped their lives in order to prepare for the doomsday.

Bottom-line, let doomsday happen when it has to happen. Its better if it strikes us when we are not aware of it. Cause if you know the day you are going to die, the rest of your life will become a living hell. Maybe the Good Lord knows about it, that is why he decided to keep the date with himself.

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