Friday , 29 September 2023
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Girl Invites Robbers by Showing off Money on Facebook

Facebook status update leads to robberyFacebook to some extent makes us all stupid. Yes, it makes us want to brag about everything, which Facebook calls “share”. A 17-year-old girl bragged and posted a picture of a pile of cash got just what she expected.

Well, she learned her lesson the hard way.

After she had posted the picture of a pile of cash on Facebook, robbers immediately mobilized but hit her mother’s house instead of her grandmother’s house. But lucky for robbers they found a similar loot there too.

A 17-year-old Australian girl who was helping her grandmother count money got way to excited seeing a lot of hard cold cash that she took a picture and shared it with her friends.

The status update apparently prompted two armed masked would-be robbers to try to visit the girl’s house, but, because of some faulty information, hit her mother’s house instead and made off with a smaller pile of cash. No one was injured.

Wow, crazy and stupid story.

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