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Marijuana in Wendy’s Burger!

Marijuana in Wendy’s Burger!

Looks like Wendy’s employees are serving burgers with Marijuana in it. Well, one thing is for sure the employee who did it is now an ex-employee.

Wendy’s employee Amy Seiber was arrested for serving an burger with marijuana in it on Nov. 1. A customer who got it at Windy’s in Lovejoy, Ga. location called 911 and reported that she got a half-smoked blunt inside her burger.

Police say when they showed up, Seiber, 32, told them the blunt belonged to her, and that she “misplaced” it inside the cheeseburger. She was arrested for possession of marijuana.

The customer told TMZ she suffered from symptoms similar to food poisoning and had to be hospitalized. She also said that Wendy’s offered to pay for her medical bills, and also gave her a $50 gift certificate.

Who would have thought that a burger snack would turn into a joyride.

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