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May 21, 2011- Judgement Day?

Here we go again, a Christain group is hitting the streets of California claiming May 21,2011 is the Judgement day.

Who started this So called Doomsday Warning?

According to NPR, Harold Camping, the network’s 89-year-old founder, has been interpreting the Bible on the air for years. He says that everyone knows there would be a judgment day at some point.

“We just happen to be in that time in history,” he said in an interview. “And whether we like it or not, we’re here.”

Trusting his words, more than 100 million Christians have joined his network via the Family Radio.

What has been the fallout of this May 21,2011- The Judgement day?

Many people have left their livelihood, abandon their job anticipating the doomsday on May 11,2011. Some have gone too far of spending their entire saved money saying there will not be a need of one more dollar once may 21 arrives.


Why we think May 21, 2011 is just an another day!!!

We believe May 21,2011 will be just an another day because No one can interpret the future except the Almighty himself. Those who claim they can see the hidden message in the Bible, we just want to quote ” Grow Up Kid”.

Just refer the Bible, or take Quran, every time when some one asks about the hour to the Prophets,  Almighty God just tells the following words to the Prophets, ” Say to them: The Knowledge of the hour only lies with my Lord”.

Thats it ! Done! If the Prophets themselves cannot tell the hour, how can a man of the neighbourhood predict that???

This is just another false alarm , done for whatever reasons they have.

If you people are leaving your jobs for the story that some one tells, Man you are going to face hardship in future when you run out of money.

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    Does anyone honestly believe this nonsense about Jesus coming back on May 21st of this year?

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