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Mercedes Benz makes Invisible Car

Great buzz erupted online when Mercedes Benz displayed its new Invisible car.  The car appeared to be completely invisible except for the wheels which can be seen by the eye. So, is this true? Has Mercedes Benz really achieved the impossible?

Before commenting on the illusion effect from Benz, let me first post you the pics of Mercedes Benz Invisible Car


I, earlier commented that the invisible car is nothing but a illusion effect. Lets dig deep into the theory.

In an effect to create an illusion, the Researches used optical camouflage.

Optical Camouflage? What is it?

Wikipedia reports, Camouflage is a method of concealment that allows an otherwise visible animal, military vehicle, or other object to remain unnoticed by blending with its environment.

It concludes that  the object is still present in the spot but our eyes get deceives to the optical illusion.

The researchers created the illusion that their new zero emissions F-Cell Mercedes Benz is not even there at all, the Daily Mail reported.

How is it really possible?

Well, taking the principal that to see through something you need to see what’s behind it, the researchers covered the driver’s side of the car in mats of LEDs, and mounted a digital SLR camera on the opposite side of the vehicle. The camera shoots video on the passenger side of the car and the video is displayed in real time on the driver side of the automobile.

Now that explains things.  Invisible car is never coming in the markets even if  scientist manage to create the impossible.

The day the Invisible car hits the markets, the world will become paradise for culprits and military agenda.

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