Tuesday , 28 September 2021
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New Gun That Lets You Decide to KILL or STUN!

2-in-1 Gun!

2-in-1 Gun!

Lets talk about High-Tech Guns! The US army has commissioned a Chicago-based toy-making company to make a gun that can fire bullets at variable speeds, and serve the dual purpose of killing or wounding. What happened to the US Army ? They are now asking toy manufactures to make guns for them ? Or is this for the general public?

Anyway, US Army chose Lund and Company Invention for the project after being inspired by its toy rockets that are launched using liquid hydrogen as a fuel. The impulse the rocket receives at launch can be controlled by varying the fuel-air mix in a combustion chamber. Does not look something that a Toy Manufacturing must be doing.

Bruce Lund, the company’s CEO, has reveled that the US Army wants them to adapt the technology to fire bullets instead of toy rockets. The new weapon will be called the Variable Velocity Weapon System(VWS)

Looks, like a really cool idea. This will be really handy plus it can turn lethal when needed too. What more does a Gun owner want ?

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