Friday , 22 September 2023
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Police Hunt for ‘Goldilocks’ Styled Thief

The British police are on the lookout for a thief who seems to be inspired by the fairy tale character “Goldilocks”. He breaks into houses, eats the available food, takes a good nap before robbing electronics and other stuffs from the house.

Essex detectives said they were trying to trace Jesse Dobinson who is suspected of carrying out two burglaries at a house in Wickford, northeast of London, in February and March.

“On both occasions beds in the property were slept in and food eaten before items, including electrical goods, were stolen,” police said in a statement.

But this guy is not good as the fairy tale character because he is wanted in a assault and knifepoint robbery case.

Maybe he also dresses up like Goldilocks, maybe that is the reason he has been able to slip unsuspectingly. I mean who would give a second look at a grown-up man dressed up as Goldilocks ?

Maybe, this thief is actually trying to send a message to the community and we’re dumb enough not to get it, yet!

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