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Stupid American Assaults Wrong Ethnic Group

Well being racist is one thing but not being able to tell who you are racist against is a whole new level of stupidity. That is just plain dumb.

A man was arrested and charged with two counts of battery after allegedly physically assaulting two Hebrew-speaking men he believed were speaking Spanish. The man will be subject to hate crime penalties.

According to a police incident report on the early Saturday morning altercation, Dylan T. Grall, a 23-year-old from Janesville, passed the two victims on the street and confronted the men when he heard them speaking Hebrew:

He swore at the men and demanded they speak English. This led to a confrontation where the victims were both struck in the face. One fell to the ground. The other had an eye that was nearly swollen shut.

Grall denied striking the men, but admitted telling them to “speak English.” He also told police he thought the men were speaking Spanish.

A witness confirmed the assault to police.

Credits: HuffingtonPost.com

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