Tuesday , 16 August 2022
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Subway Employee Forced To Serve Spoiled Food!
Subway - Eat Fresh. Are they intentionally mocking us?

Subway Employee Forced To Serve Spoiled Food!

A Subway employee has turned to twitter to vent his frustration after he was forced to serve spoiled beef to the customers.

In his tweet the employee posted a photo of the beef that is no more in an edible state.

@Samsposato13 tweeted, “I’ve been forced to serve this to customers and I feel ethically wrong @SUBWAY” along with the below photo:


According to @Samsposato13, he works in Cary Park, Subway. This has caused quite a rage in twitter.

Subway is yet to respond to the tweet…

UPDATE: The tweet has been removed and @Samsposato13 just tweeted, “#unemployeed”. Wow, isn’t this how the mafia deals with trouble?

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