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Whether there is really an UFO or is it a fake..If its true why does NASA covered up the truth from public. And now a new UFO object is photographed!!!

UFO sight in UK: Truth or Trick???

UFO spotted by Google Map

UFO spotted by Google Map

Well, well what do you know, An UFO  spotted again. This time its in UK. There are many confirmed reports in Internet that claims the presence of a UFO. But NASA has strictly sticked to its  words saying there is no such thing. Even before   3 months there was an circulation of a  flying plate  moving across the mountains.NASA  though, was not satisfied with that information and didnt comment more.

It makes me wonder, whether there is really no such thing as UFO  or  NASA simply doesn’t want to create panic revealing the mysteries  of the skies.

And now yet again,a  UFO sighting claim has been made in the UK, with a mystery object now being photographed by a person living at Hertfordshire. It was Chris Middleton, of Welwyn, snapped the mystery object during a a visit to the Jacobean house and garden, the home of the 7th Marquess of Salisbury.

“It made no noise and I didn’t see it until I put the image on my computer. If you sharpen the image and zoom right in you can see it~s no normal aircraft and you can see a red heat source behind it,” the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

“I think it’s impossible for there not to be something like that out there – the universe is so vast. He had the intriguing image examined by professional photographers – and none of them could explain it,” he added.

Richard Wiseman, a professor of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, who has an international reputation for research into the paranormal, said: “It’s very difficult to tell what it is because it is tricky to know how far the object is from the camera. I guess that it could be a bird or a paraglider in the distance, or a small piece of dust or debris very close to the lens. Either way, I don’t think Hatfield House should be bracing themselves for a close encounter of the third kind quite yet.”

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