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2012 doomsday and Nibiru update

Constant searches and voices of concern are seen throughout the world about planet x or Nibiru and its 2012 effects.

I will give the best description through question and answers way. :) :) :)

1) Has Nibiru or Planet X spotted in the solar system?

Ans) No

2) How do you say that Nibiru or Planet X is not heading this way?

Ans) If it is really heading towards earth, we should have seen it with our naked eyes by now. So far, as i am aware no such reports have been made claiming the exposure to Planet X or Nibiru.

If some guy has spotted Nibiru, it will be a you tube sensation and media favorite. I am sure that, thousands of thousands of astronomers, people have thrusted their 2 eyes to the heavens in search of Nibiru.

If they come across Nibiru, you will be updated.

3) What about solar storms that is expected to hit earth around 2013?

Ans) Solar storms is a part of sun activity , lets say, for billions of years since its formation. And Earth has survived it till now. So if any solar storms is expected in future. Earth will again survive it.

The maximum damage the solar storms can cause to man kind is by destroying the satellites.  Dont worry NASA has already worked on this scenario and has adopted a technique that will prevent solar storm from damaging our satellites.

4) What about Pole Shift?

Ans) As per NASA scientist, pole shift is bound to happen but not for a million year from now. So nothing to worry on.

5) Why are people continuously talking about this 2012 doomsday?

Ans) Because, every one have became a fantasy greek after seeing movies like Harry Potter,2012, apocalypse, 28 days later, day after tomorrow, deep impact.

They simply could not stop themselves from imagining some fantasy climax.

6) What about religious prophecies pointing towards 2012?

Ans) No religion on Earth point a doomsday date to 2o12. Let, it be Christianity, Islam, Judaism, no date have been pointed out.

Though the Religions  continuously warn us about the day where man will see the apocalypse, they all end up stating “Only God has knowledge about the hour”. [P.S.  if your an atheist skip this question]

7) Geez, i have so far believed that Nibiru will wipe out the mankind? I lived in fear?

Ans) Stand before mirror. Take deep relief type of breath. Go out. Enjoy your day. Go to work.

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  • The Wiseman

    Though “only God as knowledge of this hour”, the Holy Bible is quite specific in the coming of the End Times. The twenty-fourth Chapter of the Book of Matthew in the New Testament describes a series of events that – upon occuring – herald the End of the World. So although the exact day is kept secret, Jesus tells us to read the Signs – “when you see the Fig tree begin to bloom”, He says, “you know that Summer is near. Therefore, when you see these things happening, the Time is near.”