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5 reasons to buy verizon Iphone 5

Reasons to buy

1. Verizon Network Is Reliable
This point should be obvious by now given the sheer amount of press and marketing that Verizon has put into it. Verizon’s coverage really is more reliable nationwide, even though AT&T has been making strides to catch up. Any AT&T iPhone user who has had five calls drop in a row or who has cursed the lack of bars will instantly be attracted to an iPhone on a more reliable network.

2. Free Mobile Hot Spot

This feature was unexpected, but it may now be one of the most compelling reasons to buy a Verizon iPhone. The 32GB version (not 16GB) will have free mobile hot-spot functionality built in. That means it can function as a Wi-Fi hot-spot for up to five other devices. Buying a separate hot-spot device to tether to a smartphone can cost upwards of $100, and AT&T even charges an extra $30 a month for tethering. In this case, the Verizon iPhone is a deal.

3. Unlimited Data

AT&T infamously capped the data usage rates for iPhone users, giving them a ceiling of 2GB per month. Verizon still has an unlimited data plan, and the Verizon iPhone will be able to use it. iPhone users generally use quite a bit of data, so an unlimited plan can be a huge benefit.

4. New Antenna

Remember the Antennagate fiasco when the iPhone 4 was released? Things have calmed down since, but the new Verizon iPhone has a redesigned CDMA antenna, which could mean the iPhone device itself will have better reception (that’s on top of the reliability of the Verizon network).

5.It’s the Same Phone

If you’ve been craving the iPhone 4’s amazing features but didn’t want to leave your Verizon account or pay an early termination fee, this is your new Christmas. The Verizon iPhone has all the same features to enjoy: Retina Display, FaceTime video chat, a vast app store and a simple interface.

Five  Reasons Not to buy

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