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Apple sues Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sale blocked in Europe!

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 launch in Europe has been blocked after a German court ruled out the case against Samsung.

German court granted Apple a preliminary injunction against Samsung and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 stopping sales and marketing both. The Tab 10.1 was the best selling tablet ever in Europe when it launched compared to every other tablet except for the iPad 2.

Apple Sues Samsung

Telegraph reports,

This entire thing was started back when Samsung was sued by Apple over the look and feel of the Galaxy S products, then Samsung quickly started fighting back and the entire thing has continued to spiral out of control. While Apple might not be winning completely here in the US, things are looking a bit better in other countries and parts of the world with even sales being somewhat halted in Australia.

This story is still developing this morning but initial reports are suggesting that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 distribution and marketing will be completely halted across the entire European Union except for the Netherlands, and Apple has a separate lawsuit that is ongoing there as we speak. It is worth noting that while Samsung can appeal the judgement, the injunction and stoppage of sales will continue in the meantime.

For now things aren’t looking to good over in the EU for Samsung. An appeal could and most likely will take an upwards of 4 weeks or more, and will be seen by the same judge.

The readers should note that, The tablet started selling in US stores last June in 16 GB and 32 GB versions and more recently Verizon Wireless began selling versions of the tablet with its LTE-based 4G wireless service inside.

Wonder whether a lawsuit in US is next in line for Apple against Samsung.

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