Friday , 17 September 2021
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Apple to Kill iPhone 5C?

Apple to Kill iPhone 5C?

Lots of reports and insiders have told us in the past that the iPhone 5C didn’t perform well compared to the iPhone 5S which was priced at a much higher rate.

Apple stores too seems to always have stocks of the iPhone 5C, but when it comes to the iPhone 5S they were empty handed. Apple also started an aggressive media campaign promoting and advertising the iPhone 5C. Looks like everything failed, Apple seems to have come to the conclusion that the iPhone 5C is a failed model.

Recent reports suggests that Apple is completely ditching plastic body phone aka the iPhone 5C.

Apple will stop production of plastic phones.

Rumors have claimed that the iPhone 5C has not been selling well, but since Apple lumps all its iPhone sales into one big number, we don’t know whether they are true. Even if they are, giving up on the iPhone 5C one year after its inception would be uncharacteristic of Apple, which typically keeps an iPhone model in stores for two years or more.

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