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Apple to Reduce iPhone 5C Production by 50%?

Apple Reducing the iPhone 5C Production by 50 PercentApple seems to have decided to reduce the production of the iPhone 5C by 50%. As per Apple’s plans there are 300,000 units of iPhone 5C produced on a daily basis this will be brought down to just 150,000 units per day.

Apple is found to bring a massive number of iPhone 5C on the current smartphone market. But, the other model, iPhone 5S, often becomes very hard to find, as stated by the buyers. It seems that the company hasn’t made a large number of iPhone 5S available in the stores.

Nonetheless, we cannot conclude that Apple has reduced the production of iPhone 5C as the company made a wrong estimation of its demand. The tech giant might have taken this decision as it finds sufficient supplies in its stock.

Apple is looking to adjust the quantity of iPhone 5C in accordance with the demand of consumers. However, the exact cause of reducing the production is yet to be revealed.

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