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Black Hole might have wiped Alien life!

After years of Alien life search, Astronomers  have now come up with interesting theory saying  a black hole occurring when a giant star dies might have wiped out the enter Alien life stressing Earth is also heading for the same end some time in the future.

A phenomenon known as a white dwarf hypernova could have sucked alien life into a black hole , they say.

Hypernovas are essentially massive supernovas, or giant exploding stars, with a mass of between 100 and 300 times that of the sun.

As the dieing of stars  occurred several times over millions of years, it is possible that life may have wiped out more than once, the Daily Mail reports.

Earth can be next

Scientists also believe there is a possibility that life on earth too could be wiped out by the process of gamma ray bursts.

Intense gamma radiation produces nitrous oxides that could perhaps destroy the ozone layer. They call the lack of evidence of alien life the ‘Great Silence’.

Edward Sion from Villanova University in Pennsylvania, US, said it is possible that this could occur ‘soon’ on the timescales familiar to astronomers, according to a Pennsylvania release.

If the collapsing star has a mass exceeding at least 0.7 suns, the explosion will cause a permanent black hole, a gap in the galaxy that can swallow up life around it, including alien life.

This is produced by gravitational collapse and is the inward fall of the star’s body due to force of the explosion. A hypernova could cause serious harm to the earth. But no known hypergiant is located close enough to our planet to pose a direct threat.

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