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CES 2014 – Sharp Unveiled 85-inch TV!

CES 2014 – Sharp Unveiled 85-inch TV!

People at Sharp have been busy, they have unveiled an gigantic 85-inch TV in CES 2014 that is being held in Las Vegas.

So, whats great about a tiny 85-inch TV from Sharp in comparison with the humongous 100-inch TV that Samsung and Vizio are set to reveal?

Well, Sharp is ahead, while all Samsung managed to pull-off was a 4k technology which really completely redefines your TV viewing experience. Sharp has an 8k television.

Thats not all, Sharp has already done this last year, this year they got 3D. Guess what? No glasses. You don’t need to wear glasses to view in 3D.

Sharp produced the 85-inch TV alongside Phillips and Dolby. The 8k rating for the TV means that it will be able to handle resolutions measuring 7680 x 4320, which is 16 times more than current, standard HD TV’s. (1080p resolutions being 1920 x 1080.)

That being said, the 85-inch 8k offering from Sharp may be stretching a bit beyond current technological carrying capacity. Much debate has been raised over the past few years concerning whether or not the eye can discern the differences between ultra-high resolutions. Most television producers are currently focusing on furthering the development of 4k resolution televisions (3840 x 2160), a viewing quality which already faces difficulties due to the lack of channel support (due to inadequate technology) from satellite or cable companies.

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