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Clever Google Search Tricks

Clever Google Search Tricks

Google is known for its innovative ideologies and how its way ahead of its customer demands. If you need something, rest assured the search giant has already had a solution for it months, maybe years ago.

One can enjoy the best of Google’s search results if they know of the little tricks and ideas that let you enjoy distinct responses to the queries. In most cases, they return much more desired results that a general search query would. Here is a list of 7 search tricks.

1. Autocorrect

The autocorrect isn’t really a trick but a boon for a lot many. Before you can even complete what’s on your mind, you get a list of similar search queries. More than helpful, it can be hilarious for a lot of searches.

2. Search for a certain something within a specific site

Use the following:
Site: ‘sitename’ ‘keyword-you-are-looking-for’
This lets you find a specific thing within a specific website. How cool is that now?

3. Search bar gives you an access to the google cache

Its a known fact that google’s cache is great for not going over the download process of a website again and again. But did you also know that you could access the cache without going to the cache button. On the search bar, write:

cache: sitelink

Voila! You’d get it right there! This works brilliantly if suddenly your internet connection conked off and you urgently need to access a website you previously accessed.

4. Getting to know anonymous proxies that are free

A free proxy website is used for visiting another third party website by not letting the browser disclose the location from where it is being accessed. The proxy works like this middle man who is letting them use their name and address instead of the visitor’s address. These are majorly used when one wants to bypass a network filter which does not allow the visitor to get through to a website. You can visit these websites without giving out your address if you add the website’s url at the end of Google translate or Google Mobilizer.

5. Look for things which are time based

Google makes life so easy its not even funny. You want to search for something that was  published in the last one day or the week. But did you know your search could get as refined as in the last 20 minutes. Yes you heard that right. All you need is the url trick for this. Its as follows:

website url followed by &tbs=qdr: (time you are looking for)


Website url/&tbs=qdr:h5 (5 hours)
Website url/&tbs=qdr:n5 (5 minutes)
Website url/&tbs=qdr:s5 (5 seconds)

6. Advanced operators let you refine your search to the next level

Less of fun and more of utility, you need to understand this tool to ease up so many search activities for you in the day. Most of you may know that you can search for multiple keywords together by making use of AND & OR between these keywords. but did you know what the following do:

AROUND(range): The closeness of the keywords
– before a word: This is used to completely leave out on a word

You might know some already. If you have more of these cool tips, feel free to share them with the community.

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James Watson is the owner of marketing firms in nyc, he loves to learn new techniques in digital marketing. According to his opinion seo reputation management is very important thing for every website.

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