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Curved iPhone? Is Apple Planning for this?

Curved iPhone? Is Apple Planning for this?

A curved iPhone is what Apple might be planning for the design of the iPhone as per various rumors and sources. Basically what Apple wants is a larger and more sensitive screen.

It has been just 2 months since Apple’s newest iPhone and people have already started talking about its next model, shouldn’t there at least be some time so people can learn to use their new iPhone first?

Bloomberg reports that the next iPhones being developed will feature larger, curved screens and enhanced touch sensors that can sense different levels of pressure. The move comes on the heels of competitors such as Samsung and LG debuting curved screens, hinting at likely trends in smart phone innovation.

An unnamed source that Bloomberg reports is “familiar with the plans” says the two new iPhones will feature 4.7 and 5.5-inch screens, which moves Apple closer to “phablet” territory than ever before. The displays are also reported to be slightly curved down at the edges, and feature screen sensors that can distinguish between a light or hard touch.

The source maintained that these are features still in the development stage, and Apple likely wouldn’t release the new models until the third quarter of next year. The report did not make mention of the purpose of these new features, and Apple declined to comment.

To start, we don’t really feel excited about a curved phone, honestly I just thought it was an attempted by LG to create a new market space.

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