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Facebook Gobbles

Facebook Scoops Up For ~$100M To Bolster Its Facial Recognition TechFacebook acquisition spree is still on. Facebook’s latest victim is, which is an Israeli based facial recognition technology company.

The acquisition has been confirmed by multiple sources as well as itself, where Facebook has proudly bragged about the takeover.

The price Facebook paid for is expected to be somewhere around $80m-$100m. There are no official information on this.

As’s speciality is mobile facial recogition, it could potentially allow you to upload a photo to Facebook while on the go, instantly receive suggestions of whom to tag, and  confirm the tags with one click.

This is important to Facebook because right now there’s probably a ton of untagged mobile photos getting posted. Those are lost opportunities for engagement because when you get notified that you’ve been tagged in a photo, you probably visit Facebook immediately to check it. These tags also help Facebook understand who a photo is relevant to, so it can feature it in the news feeds of your closest friends.’s blog post about the acquisition included a big shout out to third-party developers. “We love you guys, and the plan is to continue to support our developer community.” Facebook could create some sort of API or otherwise allow app developers to build in’s facial recognition…as long as they integrated with Facebook and let users share content back to it.

The $1 billion Instagram purchase made it obvious that Facebook sees mobile photos and the communities that share them as critical to its future. Once that acquisition closes, Facebook could even port’s facial recognition to Instagram.

With Instagram and Facebook Camera on the front end and on the back, Mark Zuckerberg has the arsenal he needs to win the war for mobile photos.

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