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Facebook Growth in US slows down to only 5%

Facebook’s growth has slowed in the US and some European countries, as the company appears to be reaching its saturation point in the western world.

In December 2010, only 5 per cent of new users joining Facebook were from the US, according to data provided by Inside Facebook Gold, a research company that analyses data patterns from the social networking giant. This marks a stark contrast from prior months when approximately one quarter of the social network’s new users were from the USA.

Facebook is slowing down....

Facebook is slowing down....

The data also revealed that there had been a greater influx of people from India, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia joining Facebook.

With Facebook’s US member growth declining in the past four months, analysts fear that the platform is reaching its saturation point in terms of new users, meaning that the company may start to rely on non-US users for growth.

The company may be forced to deploy tactics to ensure it continues to add new users in the US in order to sustain its revenue growth.

With such numbers Facebook will soon start seeing negative growth as people get bored with Facebook. What do you think Facebook will outlive all social networking sites ? Or start seeing its downfall soon ?

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