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Facebook to open New Email System “Gmail Killer”

you heard it! There is a new member in Google’s rivalry list. After Microsoft, Yahoo, its now time for Facebook to get into rivalry with Google.

How is that? Simple, Facebook, a brand that has 500 million loyal visitors on its database has a interesting new service for its visitors and that is FaceBook Email.

The project is named as “Gmail Killer”.

Holy cow, this is interesting.

Why is there a conflict between Google and Facebook?

Well, it all started when both the companies clashed with each other on information sharing. Facebook doesnt want Google to take the private information of its users and in return Google has banned Facebook from importing its users’ e-mail contacts.

Facebook has holding an invite-only event on November 15 around 10 am in the morning. I would be biting my time to see what Facebook has to announce on.

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