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Google Boss Warns on Social Networking

Google boss Eric Schmidt warns that, “Young people might have to one day change their names to escape their previous online activity.”

I think that day is already here. With the overnight celebs in youtube for the wrong reasons, its obvious that the next time these people need to use internet they have to go on a new identity.

Ok, lets see what more Eric had to say, ” I fear they did not understand the consequences of having so much personal information about them online.”

Hmm, that seems to be a bit off. Did he not notice that company he works for is actually investing more and more into social networking then ever before?

Eric Schmidt

This is Eric Schmidt

Google has recently acquired Slide and Jambool, two firms specialising in providing services for social networks.

Slide is gaming firm, whilst Jambool provides virtual currencies and payments. Google has also reportedly invested in another social network gaming firm called Zynga.

Many believe the acquisitions are a sign that the search giant is about to launch another social network. Some commentators have already given the rumoured product a name:

Wait there is more : Google already owns two social networks, Google Buzz and Orkut. Also Buzz was caught in a controversy when it linked up with people’s Gmail accounts without asking them and making their contacts were publicly visible.

Mr Schmidt said: “I don’t believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the time… I mean we really have to think about these things as a society.”

Ok, Mr Schmidt. I think that you have no idea what Google is doing behind your back or you are just frustrated that none of Google’s social networking worked? Or trying to cover-up how you and Google failed to make a presence in social networking? or are you trying to break Facebook and your other competitors ? Nice try!

Whats really ironic is that Google’s boss is talking about ‘consequences’ of putting too much personal information online while their search engine seems to be doing just about the opposite of that and tracking every single human that accesses its services.

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