Tuesday , 27 September 2022
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Google donates $20 Million to Celebrate Christmas and New Year!

Thats right! I just got a mail from Google thanking its customers that it was able to donate $20 Million this holiday season.

Below is the email :

Dear ,

Thanks to you, this holiday season Google is able to donate $20 million to charitable organizations around the world. They in turn will help improve the lives of over 50 million people. Click here to see how.

Thank you for being a part of what Google is today. All this is possible because of you.

Have a wonderful holiday.


They also included a video explaining how its going to help the people around the world and the list of charities that have received the donations.

The video is below :

The list of charities that have received the donations are :



Bharti Foundation

Connecting up

Global Strategies for HIV prevention






Now thats how people should celebrate their holidays. This is the true Christmas spirit. Kudos to Google!

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  • http://www.donthave.com Op

    I received the same email they send it to all google ads users ?

    • Tommy

      I have a bunch of google accounts it seems to have been sent exclusively to my account which I use for Google Checkout.