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Google Launches Short-URL Service!

Google has launched its very own short-URL service to the public, Goo.gl.

With the world being taken over by Twitter along with its 140-characters limit, the demand for short-URL service has been increasing. As you cannot really share a long URL without the help of these services.

Google's URL Shortener service Goo.gl

Google's URL Shortener service Goo.gl

The most popular service so far is Bit.ly. They sure have to brace themselves for the competition from the Big G himself.

Goo.gl interface seems very similar to Bit.ly including its statistics. But of course without the fancy design of Bit.ly as being simply and to the point is what Google always does.

Since this game is all about number of characters. The lower the better.

Bit.ly and Goo.gl are initially equal. They both are 6-characters in length. But in looking smaller Bit.ly wins!

Now, lets try to short an URL : http://www.thfire.com/offbeat/10-weirdest-ebay-auctions-7724 <- this is 60-characters long!

Bit.ly : http://bit.ly/c04MFq <– 20-Characters with ‘http://’ and 13-characters without ‘http://’

Goo.gl : http://goo.gl/DVaF <– 18-Characters with ‘http://’ and 11-characters without ‘http://’

Since Goo.gl is new it can offer a much smaller URL right now, but as people start using it they size must increase to accommodate new URLs. I am guessing they can support 557,845 18-character URLs.

I also checked the redirection time. Both seems pretty fast. I couldn’t find any considerable difference.

Goo.gl is winning by 2 characters right now.

So, lets see what Google tell us why we must use Goo.gl. According to Google’s Social Web Blog, “when you click a goo.gl shortened URL, you’re protected against malware, phishing and spam using the same industry-leading technology we use in search and other products.”

“Earlier today, Google engineer Matt Cutts tweeted … add .qr to a shortened goo.gl URL and you’ll create a QR code that, when scanned, will redirect to the original URL. It’s a quirky additive that makes goo.gl all the more friendly for brands and marketers experimenting with QR codes. A Twitter tipster also informed us that you can add .info to the goo.gl URL to check out analytics,” Mashable said.

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